Gun Deaths in Arizona, 2015 – 2017

As my parting project as Research Director at ASU’s Morrison Institute, I analyzed Arizona’s violent gun death data. From 2015 – 2017, there were 3,188 firearms deaths in AZ, 71% of which were suicides. The number of homicides, suicides, and unintentional firearm deaths increased from 2015 to 2017. Whites are disproportionately affected by suicide by […]

COVID-19: Curve-Flattening, Models, and Garbage Data

We’ve been surrounded lately with an abundance of news that has forced the field of epidemiology (statistics related to diseases and applied to public health) into our thoughts. Epidemiologists are experts specifically in the prevalence and spread of diseases, like COVID-19, among populations. And, while epidemiologists are statisticians, not all statisticians are trained in epi […]

Tech Companies (and Pearl Jam) Compelled to Alleviate Homelessness Crises in their Backyards

While more of a list than a blog post, I’ve been tracking corporations’ recent efforts to reduce homelessness and thought I would share my list with you. Here are five big announcements around corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) efforts towards minimizing the current homelessness crisis in companies’ cities. Plus one from one of my favorite bands.  […]

Best of 2018: Books, Women Business Owners, and Glamping

Hooray – it is time for my 3rd annual favorite things list! Here, in no particular order, is my Top Eleven list: Two books tied in my heart this year for most impactful to me. The Book of Why, by Judea Pearl and Dana Mackenzie, caused my brain to expand on causality and inference and […]

2017’s Most Notable – Marketing Analytics, Mentoring, Ethics in AI, and More!

Because Top-Eight lists are so much more fun than Top-Ten lists, I offer my Top-Eight (plus one!) notable things that caught my attention this year.  In no particular order…   Ethics in Data and AI I am sure this has been going on prior to 2017, but 2017 seemed to be the year I started […]

Should we abandon p-values?

Friendly warning – technical post alert.  This post is about my time this past week at the American Statistical Association’s symposium to discuss our p-value-heavy culture.  Why do we put p-values on a pedestal? As you may (or may not) recall from your statistics class, the p-value is the probability of seeing your observed results […]

Data Socialization: Hello, My Name is DATA

Earlier this week at a pitch presentation for an amazing potential project, a thoughtful audience member asked me, “Dashboards and being able to see my data sound great, but what will I do with this data?” It reminded me of a talk I gave last year when a frowny audience member raised her hand and […]

A Careful Line – An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Managing Personal Politics

As humans, we are relational, and politics is an extension of our humanity.  As entrepreneurs and business founders, our businesses are our lives and an encompassing part of our identity.  So should our politics be a public-facing part of our business?  Can and should we separate the political and professional parts of ourselves? Let’s think […]

Data in the Social Sector

“From possibilities to responsibilities” was the theme of this year’s Data on Purpose / Do Good Data conference last week at Stanford’s Center for Philanthropy and Civil Society.  Lucy Bernholz started us off right by stating, “Let’s use this moment we’re in to use data to help society.”  Yes, let’s! Here are some of my […]

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